Natalie Forstbauer

Natalie Forstbauer,
Founder and Editor-In-Chief

Natalie was born and raised on an organic and biodynamic farm in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada. 

She brings a wealth of diverse experience in the farming industry to Heart & Soil Magazine with her entrepreneurial mindset, training in alternative medicine, and experience working with her family's award-winning farm.

On the business side of regenerative farming, Natalie has pretty much done it all: selling into stores, wholesalers, restaurants, and at farmers' markets throughout British Columbia. Working on the front lines of the emerging organic retail industry, she's packed orders in organic warehouses, sold her family farm products into retailers across Canada such as Whole Foods, and discovered true healing through a brain injury while farming.

Natalie is passionate about discovering and sharing what makes a farm successful on all levels. It's not just about the food you grow. It's about connecting with your farm, the people you sell to, how you grow your business, how you take care of yourself as a farmer... how you take care of your soil, and the land you farm, and how you care for and nurture the animals, wildlife, bugs, and ecosystem.

Heart & Soil Magazine is Natalie's response to the demand for quality information and advice with the increasing popularity of regenerative farming around the world.

Natalie also owns a small organic farm in Southeastern Saskatchewan.

Natalie Forstbauer

Leslie Ambrose,
Executive Editor

Leslie is a best selling author, Certified Transformational Leader, and editor extraordinaire of Heart & Soil Magazine, as well as a nature lover and backyard gardener with a passion for authenticity.

When she's not behind the computer screen as chief pencil pusher for Heart & Soil, you will often find her in the kitchen cooking her favourite fresh foods for her family and friends or on adventures with her daughters.

She brings her wisdom as a sage communicator, coach, and creative in her work with others. Her humour and divine essence puts people at ease to deepen into their inner wisdom and to connect with what matters most. Her background includes a Bachelors in Business, Certified Public Accounting, and varied business experience.

Personal note:

As editor, I've had the pleasure of exploring fascinating content in the world of regenerative farming & gardening. I'm amazed at the direct impact of agriculture and soil health on our own health. DIRECT IMPACT.

I’ve read science, data, research, and hands-on experience from global experts, farmers, and gardeners, and I understand so clearly how our climate and global regeneration is dependent on regenerative agricultural practices. Our Earth needs us all to be mindful soil stewards, whether farming, tending a yard, or choosing which food to buy. 

I’m thrilled to be part of the Heart & Soil Community, a rich and resourceful network of uplifting connection and powerful impact.

Deep gratitude for our contributors


Work with nature to grow nutritious food in living soil for health and harmony.


Eric and Joy McEwen, Diggin’ Livin’ Beekeepers

Hans-GĂĽnther Kern, Wholistic Living Community

Gaby González, Earthquitectura

Helmy Abouleish, CEO of SEKEM Initiative in Egypt

Robby Gass, ALBA Organics

Gary Caton, Astronomer

Harald Hoven, Biodynamic Farmer & Consultant

Steven McFadden, Chiron Communications


Transform your soil into a living biodiverse ecosystem with affordable organic, biodynamic, natural, regenerative farming practices.


Chris Trump, Biomei Solutions

Robby Gass, ALBA Organics

Dr. Elaine Ingham, Soil Foodweb School

Ernst Götsch, Agenda Götsch

Dr. James White, Professor at Rutgers University

Glenn Elzinga, Alderspring Ranch

Gary Zimmer, Zimmer Ag

Gabe Brown, Understanding Ag

Yannick Van Doorne, Electroculture Van Doorne

Hans Forstbauer, Forstbauer Farm

Jo Tobias, Regenerative Soils & Living Compost Specialist

Evan Folds, Be Agriculture

Laura Decker, Prolific Earth Sciences

Dr. Rob Blakemore, Soil Ecologist

David Johnson, Molecular Biologist & Hui-Chun Su

Jodi Roebuck, Roebuck Farm

Chanvirak Bun, Organic Sheep Farmer, Cambodia

Julie Bradley-Low, The Farmer Yoga Teacher

Natalie Egger, Egger Consulting

Ruth Tschannen, Eurythmist


Build healthy soil, create a farm ecosystem, work with indigenous microorganisms, & more with Biodynamics and Korean Natural Farming


Dr. Vandana Shiva, Physicist, Ecologist, Activist, Author

Dr. Elaine Ingham, World-Renowned Soil Biologist

Chris Trump, Director at Biomei, KNF Teacher and Mentor

Robby Gass, Organic & Biodynamic Soil Expert

Steven Cornett, Farmer and Educator, Nature’s Always Right

Tom Stack, Organic Farmer, KNF Dairy 

Walter Moora, Biodynamic Sacred Farmer, Finca Sagrada

Chris Boettcher, Organic Biodynamic Farmer, Grassroots Farm

Hans-Günther Kern, Consultant, Lecturer for Bio-dynamics 

Brooke Kornegay, Homesteader & Host of The Soul Soil Podcast

Gary Caton, Astrologer, Celestial Calendar Contributor

David Paterson, General Manager and Winemaker, Tantalus Vineyards

Brian Maisenbacher, Earth Grower

Andrew Couzens, Composter, Small Market Gardener

Allen Clements, Gnomewood Farm

Anthony Mecca, Biodynamic Demeter Alliance

Ryan Boland, Chief Business Officer, Mercola Market

Koby Guye, Cellar Door Collective

Mike Biltonen, Know Your Roots

Niklaus Forstbauer, Biodynamic/Organic Farmer, Forstbauer Family Natural Food Farm 

Titia Posthuma, Biodynamic Farmer

Hans Forstbauer, Natural Earth Farmer

Blake Rymer, KNF Farmer, TN Mtn Farm

Gaby González, Founder Compostas del Duero

Tad Hargrave, Marketing for Hippies

Anna Jones-Crabtree, Vilicus Farms

Annamarie Klippenstein, Organic Farmer, Klippers Organic Acres

Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist, MIT

Nicolette Richer, Regenerative Medicine Educator 

Ruth Tschannen, Eurythmist


Transform your garden and your health with 20 sessions on organic gardening and regenerative health


Dr. Barre and Deborah Lando, AlfaVedic

Dr. Chris Boman, Chiropractor & Homesteader

Cate Stillman, CEO at Club Thrive Global

Stacey Murphy, Grow Your Own Vegetables

Joe Lamp'l, Joe Gardener, Online Gardening Academy

Jared Regier, Vegetable Academy

Jordan Mara, Restorative Gardener, Mind & Soil

Greg Reese, 1000 Tiny Farms, Host of Farmers' Footprint The Garden Club

Charles Dowding, No Dig Gardener 

Brian Minter, Master Gardener, Country Garden Ltd 

Ruth Tschannen, Biodynamic Gardener

Troy Hinke

Hans-Günther Kern, Consultant, Lecturer for Bio-dynamics 

Laura Decker, Prolific Earth Sciences

Jolene Wainwright, Our Sanctuary Garden

Ashley Esakin, Soil Scientist, Gardening in Canada

Nicolette Richer, Chronic Disease Reversal Educator 

Dr. Zafar Adeel, Executive Director, Pacific Water Research Center 

Barbara Lawson, Meet Me in the Dirt

Hans Forstbauer, Natural Earth Farmer


Explore electroculture, building soil organic matter, raising resilient bees, building community with biodynamics, weeds as indicators, weaving storytelling, office efficiency, edible flower cookies, salsa compost, and more.


Yannick Van Doorne, Agronomist and Engineer

Natalie Egger, Egger Consulting

Jennifer Bennett, Several Oaks Farm 

Milo the Toller, Joyful Chef

Eric and Joy McEwen, Diggin’ Livin’ Beekeepers

Karen Hampton, Mixed Media Fiber Artist, Alcalde Studio and Farm

Katrina Wolff, Blue Borage


Plan for soil fertility and healthy flavorful crops using living pathways, biodynamics, permaculture, compost, cosmic forces, inspiration, and more. Heal with gardening and find energy in art.


Nicole Masters, Agroecologist

Paul Bourne, PEG Barbados

Dennis Skoworodko, Our Farm

Barbara Lawson, Meet Me in the Dirt

Jared Regier, Vegetable Academy

Gary P. Caton, Astronomer

Dujon D. Blondel, Green Glow Gardens

Julia Gillmor, TrailBlazeHER

Lisa Winston, Artist

Tammy Everts, Baker


Transform your soil, land, and health with biological inputs, regenerative ranching, syntropic agroforestry, sustainable practices, urban gardening, fall gardening hacks, the power of perseverance, transformative art, delicious recipes, and more.


Anne Biklé and David Montgomery

Robert Galarneau, Top Horizon Ag Inputs

Dr. Elaine Ingham, World-renowned Soil Microbiologist

Shani Eisenmann, Waima Hill Organic Farm

Rubie Simonsen, EcoFarm 

Seth Nitschke, Mariposa Ranch

Ivan Sellers, Horto do Amor

Diane Epstein, Biophilic Artist 

Kat Lanteigne, Urban Gardener

Koen van Seijen, Investing in Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

Antonella Ilaria Totaro, Investing in Regenerative Agriculture Podcast


Nourish your soil, health, & bottom line. Soil health principles, permaculture design techniques, & a fresh perspective on organics. What your soil microbial life needs. Why your body needs the micronutrients of healthy food. Year-round growing.


Nicole Masters, Agroecologist

Linda Harvey, Biodynamic Gardener

Vicky Van Andel, Artist

Dan Kittredge, Bionutrient Food Association 

Dale and Chelsea Klages, Greenhouse in the Snow

Jolene Wainwright, Our Sanctuary Garden

Phil Nauta, Organic Gardener and Educator

Sarah Figueroa, My Adventure Kitchen

Nicolette Richer, Regenerative Medicine Health Educator

Joanne Alfonsi, Urban Gardener


Regenerate your soil, plants, community, and health. Turn food waste into community resources. Make your own JMS. Grow your own groceries. Plant a food forest. Use sprouts for health repair. Transformative Indigenous-led regeneration.


George Sampare, Tea Creek

Joseph Ferraro Gardener

Fair Amount Food Forest

Jennifer Baichwal, Filmmaker

Annamarie Klippenstein, Klippers Organic Acres

Igor Sill, Sill Family Vineyards

Marisa Flannery, Soil Scientist 

Gaby González, Biodynamic Composter

Maggie Stuckey, Gardener and Author

Brian Maisenbacher, The Earth Grower

Lisa Mumm, Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds

Hans-GĂĽnther Kern, Biodynamic Association UK

Nicolette Richer, Regenerative Medicine Health Educator

Stuart Lilley, ReFeed Farms


Pause, restore, renew your mind, body, soul, and soil. Work with nature, collaborate with water, and tune into the 5 elements. Market your Biodynamic products, understand glyphosate facts, and be part of justice in the food system.


Liz Carlisle, Professor, UC Santa Barbara

Ryan Boland, Mercola Market

Chris Trump, Korean Natural Farming

Erica Gies, Journalist

Nicolette Richer, Regenerative Medicine Health Educator

Kelly Ryerson, Independent Public Health Advocate


Revive your soil and your health with new soil science, farm features, family farming, livestock, A2/A2 dairy, discovery organics, nutrient-dense food, healthy habits, and more.


James Francis White, Jr., Professor, Rutgers University

Jeff Lowenfels

Blake Wydeman, Artist

Brody Irvine, Discovery Organics

Regenerative Organic Alliance

Sharon Egan, Alexandre Family Farm

Heriberto and Benina Montes, Burroughs Family Farms

Ian, Linda, and Zach Grossart, Howpark Farms

Vanessa Nunes-Alexandre, Alexandre Family Farm

Stephanie Alexandre, Alexandre Family Farm

Omoke Ogaro Brian, The Organic Guy

Joelene Gambichler

Nicolette Richer, Regenerative Medicine Health Educator

IFOAM – Organics International

Dawit Gebregziabher, featuring Mrs. Haregu Gobezay, Ethiopia


Growing in abundance with food forests, urban farming, homesteading, new farming, sacred farming, regenerative health, food, music, art, and community.


Dr. Judy Fitzpatrick, Prolific Earth Sciences

Deanna Ambrose

Vancouver Urban Food Forest Foundation

AY Young, musician

Liz Chick, artist

National Resources Defense Council

Rita Jean Flemming

Walter and Susan Moora, Finca Sagrada

Alana Henry, Young Family Farm

Stephanie Oswald, Parenting Chaos

Non-Toxic Neighborhoods

Joelene Gambichler

Nicolette Richer, Certified Regenerative Health Educator

Chef Ben Elliot, Saltbox Kitchen

Farmer Mark Congdon, Saltbox Farm


A celebration of seed wisdom, and the opportunities in our fields and in our lives. Seeding opportunities with literal seeds, farming experience, health, food, nature, art, and community. 


Amanda Forstbauer-Bourrie

Brian Maisenbacher, Founder, Earth Grower LLC

Dr. Judy Fitzpatrick, Prolific Earth Sciences

Nicolette Richer, Regenerative Medicine Health Educator


Kali Forstbauer, Organic Leaf Drop

Hans GĂĽnther Kern for Biodynamic Association UK

Caroline Hegstrom, The Boreal Farm

John Mills, Eagle Creek Farm

Dr. Robert J. Blakemore, Ecology Scientist

Perfect Earth Project

Non-Toxic Neighborhoods

Julie Bradley-Low, The Farmer Yoga Teacher

Ashley Madden, Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Allan Kuhn, Camphill Communities Ontario

Annette Parsons, Camphill Communities Ontario


Regeneration powered by soil health, organic agriculture, agroecology, hedgerows, perennials, community, outreach, healthy food, music, art.


Paul Hawken, Project Regeneration

Elke Deurr, WEb of Life Foundation

Harli Cameron

Dr. Judy Fitzpatrick, Prolific Earth Sciences

John Bailey, Hopland Research and Extension Center

Karen Rifkin

Heidi Hermann, Strong Arm Farm

Ed Schmidt III, River Bend Orchards

Conscious Ground

West Coast Seeds

Nicolette Richer, Certified Regenerative Health Educator

Chef Derek Gray, Row Fourteen

Tom Morris, Emoji Botanicals

Samuel Sarr, Kailend Farm


Food is essential to the soul of a community, whether growing in your healthy soil, offered at a farmers’ market, used as medicine in your kitchen, or as a shared meal. 


Nicolette Richer, Regenerative Medicine Health Educator

Darcy Smith

Marie-Pierre Bilodeau, REFARMERS

Sam and Georgina Baker, Levenvale Farm

Jeff Paul, Buena Fruta Farm

Kathryn Aunger, Earth Haven Learning Centre

Rosemary Tayler, Earth Haven Learning Centre

Dr. Elaine Ingham, Microbiologist

Leyna Lightman

Alan Chubb, Quoins Organic Vineyard

Richard Robinson and Wendy Mechaber, Hopestill Farm 

Stefan Butler and Lindsay Cornwell, Nutrient Dense Farm

Janice Smith, Artist

Donna Schwenk, Cultured Food Life

Rita Flemming

Lisa Jendza, Freedom Kitchen

Heather O'Hara, BC Association of Farmers' Markets


Living soil is a gift of the Earth for us to steward responsibly. How does it impact YOUR health? And... how do YOU impact ITS health?


Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist, MIT

Dr. Ryan Lewis, Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Thierry Vrain, Molecular Biologist

Sarah Figueroa, My Adventure Kitchen

Hans Forstbauer, natural earth farmer

Donna Maltz, Soil to Soul Academy

Dr. Elaine Ingham, Microbiologist 

Sask Organics

Biodynamic Federation Demeter International 

Demeter Association, Inc. 

Kim Konte, Nontoxic Neighborhoods

Dr. Bruce Lanphear, ​​Pediatric Epidemiologist

Jeff Paul, Buena Fruta Farm

Sam and Georgina Baker, Levenvale Farm

Rey and Ryan, BluFarm Organics

Henrique Sloper de Araujo, CEO Camocim Organic

Kali Star, Soup Sorceress

Paula Brett, Artist

Julie Bradley-Low, The Farmer Yoga Teacher

Cate Stillman, The Yogahealer

Emoji Botanicals

Nicolette Richer, Certified Regenerative Health Educator

Michael Kennard, Compost Club


We hear a lot about regeneration today, but what does it really mean?


Steve Churchill, Urban Worm Company

Dr. Robert J. Blakemore, Ecology Scientist 

Ron Finley, Founder Ron Finley Project

Rosemary Tayler, Earth Haven Learning Centre

Anna McAvoy-Emrick, Biodynamic Association

Charles Dowding, No-Dig Farmer

Dr. Elaine Ingham, Microbiologist 


Nicolette Richer, Certified Regenerative Health Educator

Rebecca Lefebvre, BSW, BSN, RN

Gene and Shelly Covert, Covert Farms Family Estate

Dylan Lehmann and Grace Gamage, Broom and Brine Farm

Kadir and Fakhirah, Kira Organic Farm

Liz Duerholt, Founder and Executive Director of Redefin'd

BAIF Organization

Jen Seymour, Artist



The power of gardening and listening to nature. 


Darby Weaver, High Mowing Organic Seeds

Timothy Forstbauer, Organic Leaf Drop Farm 

Kevin Espiritu, Epic Gardening

Marie-Pierre Bilodeau, REFARMERS

West Coast Seeds

Charles Dowding, No-Dig Farmer

Kali Star, Soup Sorceress

Odelia Chan, gardener

Solara Goldwynn and Tayler Krawczyk, Hatchet & Seed

Dr. Jacqui Wilkins, ND

Darcy Smith, Young Agrarians

Matt Powers, The Permaculture Student

Karalyn Hingston, Food Plant Solutions

Diane Epstein, Artist


Planetary health starts with soil and the foods we eat. What can you do?


Jeff Moyer, CEO, Rodale Institute

Sarah Dent, Young Agrarians    

Darcy Smith, Young Agrarians

Dana Penrice, Young Agrarians

Chef David McMillan

Marie-Pierre Bilodeau, REFARMERS

Dr. Elaine Ingham, Microbiologist

Kate Spring, Good Heart Farmstead

Dag Falck, Organic Program Manager, Nature’s Path

Leslie Ambrose, Ambrose Empowerment

Farmer’s Footprint

Diane Epstein, Artist

Aube Giroux, Kitchen Vignettes


Jackie Marie Beyer, Green Organic Garden Podcast

Eric Payseur, Organic Transition Manager, Canadian Organic Growers

Kevin and Annamarie Klippenstein, Klippers Organic Acres    

Ken McCormick, IFOAM

Niklaus Forstbauer, Forstbauer Farm

Arran Stephens, Chair & Co-Founder, Nature’s Path

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