Biodiversity, Cultivating Life




Learn how to transform your soil into a living ecosystem full of biodiversity

Improve your production, flavour, and the nutrient density of the food you grow

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Hosted by Heart & Soil Magazine

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Let's Cultivate a Legacy of Biodiversity

You know by now, farming is more than just putting seeds in the ground and hoping they will grow, and it's definitely more than growing stuff and hoping it will sell.

There is mastery to farming and you're getting a lot of things right: you're likely planning your crops, building your soil, maybe doing some cover crops, and doing some networking and sales.

You know you're putting in big hours, and you see the effort paying off as your soil begins to change, and your crops are starting to get stronger. But it's a lot.

Farming requires grit, tenacity, passion, and grace. You're always learning and wonder how you can be even more efficient, more effective, get better results, mimic nature, and you long to connect with others who are on a similar path.


You might find yourself...

struggling to know what will work for you and your land

battling depleted soils and degradation

looking for ways to increase biodiversity and pollinators

It's time to uplevel your farm and work smarter, not harder.

The Soil Summit is here for you!

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We are here to help you 


The Soil Summit is here to help you cultivate fields of biodiversity 


20 world-renowned voices including pioneering farmers, groundbreaking researchers, and influential leaders, all sharing invaluable insights into regenerative, organic, and biodynamic farming.

How great would it feel to Cultivate a Legacy of Biodiversity


Are you ready to transform your farm into a thriving example of regeneration?

Dive deep into the world of real regenerative agriculture with The Soil Summit, your comprehensive guide to nurturing the land and working with nature.

This isn't just another online conference ‚Äď it's a¬†pivotal moment for you to mindfully invest in yourself and your farm's future.

You're invited to join us!

Nurture and feel the life in the soil beneath your feet

Restore the earth with every seed you plant

Connect with a community of like-minded farmers

Explore innovative techniques that enrich your land

Ensure your farming practices contribute to a healthier planet

Meet Your Speakers

Check out the incredible lineup of farmers, researchers, and leaders in regenerative, organic, biodynamic, natural farming you‚Äôll learn from at¬†The Soil Summit ‚ÄĘ Biodiversity, Cultivating Life!

Chris Trump
Dr Elaine Ingham
Robby Gass
Ernst Götsch
Dr James White
Gary Zimmer
Jo Tobias
Yannick Van Doorne
Chanvirak Bun
Jodi Roebuck
Natalie Egger
Glenn Elzinga
Laura Decker
Gabe Brown
Hans Forstbauer
Julie Bradley Low
Evan Folds
Dr Rob Blakemore
Dr Elaine Ingham
Tad Hargrave
Dr Vandana Shiva
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Dig into Biodiversity and Cultivating Life



Imagine standing on your land, feeling life beneath your feet, knowing every seed you plant is part of a larger movement toward global regeneration and planetary health. With *The Soil Summit 2024*, you'll learn from leading experts in regenerative, organic, natural, and biodynamic farming practices who have turned barren fields into fertile havens.

But it's not just about the soil; it's about the soul. Connect with a community of like-minded farmers committed to personal, environmental, and economic transformation. Together, we'll explore innovative and ancient practices that enrich your land, improve your yields, and ensure your farming practices contribute to a healthier planet, a healthier community, healthier food, and healthier you.

Here's a glimpse of what you'll gain...

Practical Knowledge

Step-by-step guides on integrating real regenerative techniques into your farm's unique ecosystem.

Community Support

Access to a network of peers and mentors who are just as passionate about regenerative farming as you are.

Economic Empowerment

Strategies to make your farm not only environmentally regenerative and sustainable but also economically viable.

Your farm is more than a business; it's a legacy. Let's nurture it together.

Meet Your Host

Natalie Forstbauer

Publisher, Heart & Soil Magazine ‚ÄĘ Farmer/Gardener ‚ÄĘ Author ‚ÄĘ Healer ‚ÄĘ TEDx Speaker¬†

Hi, I'm a curious soul who loves to learn and see others thrive while living in harmony with Mother Earth.

I’m passionate about discovering and sharing what makes a farm successful on all levels. It's not just about the food you grow. Success is connecting with your farm, the people you sell to, how you grow your business, how you take care of your soil, ecosystem, and yourself.

My professional roots are in Polarity Therapy and complementary medicine. I grew up on an organic and biodynamic farm, and now own and operate my own organic and biodynamic farm. As Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Heart & Soil Magazine, I now spend my time with my farm, in the thriving Heart & Soil Community, and with my teenage kids. I'm happy to bring you tools to bring your life to the next level. Join us for The Soil Summit, where we’ll learn how to collaborate and co-create as nature intended.

The Details...


All sessions are available now!


Tune in at home, on the go, or in your fields! Learn from anywhere with Internet access. There are downloadable audio files for each session with your All-Access Pass.


Presentations are 30-60 minutes long. Live Q&A sessions are about 90 minutes.


Join our private Facebook group where we’ll be connecting and working together to build biodiversity in your soil and cultivate life.

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People loooove The Soil Summit, and we think you will too...

Rave Reviews from around the world about The Soil Summit...

Charlotte, Maryland USA

Amazing Summit Natalie and Leslie! What a wonderful gift to bring people who care together from all over the world!

Chris, New Mexico USA

So much good information! Thank you all for putting this together.

Soil Diversity with Chris Trump

Gustavo, Argentina

THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!! Ruth.. Beautiful sessions!

Eurythmy sessions

MK, India

Thank you for creating this learning, sharing space...

Such a centered person, thank you Sir!

Biodiversity with David Paterson

Sameer, Himalayas

Thank you for sanity and completeness in your worldview. and beautiful organism, your farm... Love from the Terai and terraces of Himalayas...

Soil Diversity with Chris Trump


Thank you David, so much for such great information about your operation and experience. We appreciate your time. Thank you, Natalie for such a great Summit! So grateful to be here!

Biodiversity with David Paterson

Freddie, Hawaii USA

Thank you so much! Natalie that interview with Steph Seneff was absolutely amazing


I feel the light and love. Thank you Ruth!

Eurythmy sessions

Jean, Canada

Much gratitude for all, sharing ideas and inspirations.  Thank you‚ėļÔłŹ

Soil Diversity with Chris Trump

Dwight, BC Canada

Thank you Natalie and Chris …. so much wisdom

Soil Diversity with Chris Trump

Austin, Texas USA

Thank yall for doing this addition to the soil summit, so good to center ūüôā

Eurythmy sessions

Diana, Quebec Canada

 These are a very gracious and nourishing opening to each day's sessions.

Eurythmy sessions

Dwight, BC Canada

Thank you Natalie for bringing us all together.

Biodiversity with David Paterson


Thanks so much David and Natalie! This has been a great session.

Biodiversity with David Paterson


I like the idea of using cover crops as a pest diversion while simultaneously reducing weed pressure!

Biodiversity with David Paterson

Diana, Quebec Canada

Brilliant exposé from a brilliant composter, and reassuring! Trust one's instincts, and learn from mistakes. Since understanding the microbiology in the soil, I've realized just how important feeding root systems is, and how BD preps work towards this. Many many thanks, Gaby and Nathalie‚Ě£ÔłŹ

Biodynamic Composting with Gaby Gonzalez

Iliya, New York USA

Thx! This summit is so amazing I'm glad I registered! 

It's Time to…


- Tune into the natural rhythms of Mother Earth

- Integrate ancient practices into your farming journey

- Build and nourish biodiversity into your soil with ease, grace and wonder

- Connect with other farmers and gardeners who get you

- Discover ways to make your food taste even better and more nutritious


Join us for The Soil Summit today!

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