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Learn how to build healthy soil, create a farm ecosystem, work with indigenous microorganisms, use plants as plant medicine and more with Biodynamics and Korean Natural Farming to nourish soil, plant, and human health with ancient wisdom

Hosted by Heart & Soil Magazine

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Speaker highlights


Farming can be a challenging and a labor-intensive job, but it's also rewarding.

It builds communities and feeds the world.

You’re probably getting a lot of things right, and there's a part of you that feels ready to learn more, you want to make your soil even healthier, increase your yields, and produce even higher quality food.

You might've heard about Biodynamics and Korean Natural Farming and you are curious because you might've heard how powerful they are for regenerative farming and gardening. What you really want is to...

Feel good about the way you grow food and the impact you're making

Understand and implement the power of regenerative farming and gardening

Feel supported while learning what works for you, your farm, your garden

Work with the innate wisdom of nature, attuned to your plants, soil, and earth's rhythms

Build healthy, rich, living soil affordably and regeneratively with confidence and ease.

Maybe You're...

frustrated because you know your soil could be even healthier, you know you can make a difference, and you want to know what do next

feeling curious about what’s possible, and you’re ready for fresh ideas and to learn from others who understand soil, nature, farming

tired of doing it on your own, and ready to be a part of a community who thinks like you, and understands the power of working with nature

It's time to uplevel your farm and work smarter, not harder. The Soil Summit is here for you!

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We are here to help you  

Biodynamics and Korean Natural Farming 

helps you grow food in harmony with Nature


30+ experts, and 30+ sessions will teach you Biodynamic and Korean Natural Farming practices you can use to build your soil health, increase your yields, and grow tastier food naturally and regeneratively

Meet Your Speakers

Dr Vandana Shiva
Dr Elaine Ingham
Chris Trump
Tom Stack
Robby Gass
Chris Boettcher
Walter Moora
Han Gunther Kern
Steven Cornett
Brooke Kornegay
Gary Caton
David Paterson
Brian Maisenbacher
Andrew Couzens
Allen Clements
Anthony Mecca
Ryan Boland
Koby Guye
Mike Biltonen
Niklaus Fortbauer
Titia Posthuma
Hans Forstbauer
Blake Rymer
Gaby Gonzalez
Tad Hargrave
Anna Jones Crabtree
Annamarie Klippenstein
Dr Stephanie Seneff
Nicolette Richer
Ruth Tschannen
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There are a lot of summits, trainings, and workshops out there for farmers and gardeners. So what makes this one different?

First, this is a summit we built for you because we understand you care about nature, you want to be a part of making living soil, you care about the food you grow, and you deeply care about growing nutritious and delicious food for people to eat and enjoy.

You might have heard about Biodynamics and Korean Natural Farming and you want to learn more about it, what it is, how it's practiced, and discover how you can integrate it into your farm.

Every presentation is unique, making it super practical and easy to learn, understand, and implement strategies right away.

We're not here to add to your plate. Our goal isn't to throw new ideas at you, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and like there's no way you can do it all.

Instead, we're here to amplify what you're already doing and optimize it in a way that makes your farm more profitable while creating more of a connection with the rhythms of life!

And, we want to make life easier for you, by bringing together some of the most well-respected and deeply valued voices in Biodynamics and Korean Natural Farming in one place.


Meet Your Host

Natalie Forstbauer

Publisher, Heart & Soil Magazine • Farmer/Gardener • Author • Healer • TEDx Speaker 

I'm a curious soul who loves to learn and see others thrive while living in harmony with Mother Earth.

I’m passionate about discovering and sharing what makes a farm successful on all levels. It's not just about the food you grow. Success is connecting with your farm, the people you sell to, how you grow your business, how you take care of your soil, ecosystem, and yourself.

My professional roots are in Polarity Therapy and complementary medicine. I grew up on an organic and biodynamic farm, and now own and operate my own organic and biodynamic farm. As Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Heart & Soil Magazine, I now spend my time with my farm, in the thriving Heart & Soil Community, and with my teenage kids. I'm happy to bring you tools to bring your life to the next level. Join us for The Soil Summit, where we’ll learn how to collaborate and co-create as nature intended.

It's Time to…


- Align with natural rhythms

Integrate ancient practices into your farming journey

- Build and nourish living soil

- Connect with other farmers and gardeners who get you

- Make your food taste even better and more nutritious


Join us for the The Soil Summit today!

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The Details


All sessions are available now!


Tune in at home! Learn from anywhere with Internet access. There is a downloadable audio file for each session so you can listen on the go.


Presentations are 30-60 minutes long. Recorded Q&A sessions are about 90 minutes.


You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group where we’ll be connecting and working together to implement Biodynamic and Korean Natural Farming strategies.

What does the pass include?

Unlimited easy access to the 30+ recorded sessions, plus perks, like downloadable audio files, workbook with key takeaways, an action plan, and bonuses from speakers.


The Soil Summit Course Includes

  • 30+ recorded sessions
  • Workbook
  • Action Journal
  • More than 10 Speaker Bonuses 
  • Downloadable audio files of every presentation
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From around the world, here's what participants are saying...

Bob, Ontario Canada

“There were many excellent webinars.

I have been to sessions with Elaine Ingram several times but her recorded interview was outstanding and learning about her research should be essential for everyone.

Vandana Shiva has been a mentor for me over many decades. Her interview was most inspiring. I have read many of her books and articles and I referenced her several times in my article on Agroecology in the 2021 summer edition of Ecological Farming in Ontario.

Dr. Stephanie Seraff provided very important information on the negative health impacts of glyphosate and its “toxic legacy” and why it is essential to educate all of us as to why glyphosate and other dangerous chemicals must be eliminated from food production, processing and distribution.

Chris Boettcher, Chris Trump, Anna Jones-Crabtree, Annamarie Klippenstein, and Nicolette Richer were very informative as well.”

Charlotte, Maryland USA

Amazing Summit Natalie and Leslie! What a wonderful gift to bring people who care together from all over the world!

Diana, Quebec Canada

Brilliant exposé from a brilliant composter, and reassuring! Trust one's instincts, and learn from mistakes. Since understanding the microbiology in the soil, I've realized just how important feeding root systems is, and how BD preps work towards this. Many many thanks, Gaby and Nathalie❣️

Biodynamic Composting with Gaby Gonzalez

Sameer, Himalayas

Thank you for sanity and completeness in your worldview. and beautiful organism, your farm... Love from the Terai and terraces of Himalayas...

Soil Diversity with Chris Trump

Dwight, BC Canada

Thank you Natalie and Chris …. so much wisdom

Soil Diversity with Chris Trump

Chris, New Mexico USA

So much good information! Thank you all for putting this together.

Soil Diversity with Chris Trump

Jean, Canada

Much gratitude for all, sharing ideas and inspirations.  Thank you☺️

Soil Diversity with Chris Trump

Freddie, Hawaii USA

Thank you so much! Natalie that interview with Steph Seneff was absolutely amazing

Gustavo, Argentina

THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!! Ruth.. Beautiful sessions!

Eurythmy sessions

Diana, Quebec Canada


These are a very gracious and nourishing opening to each day's sessions.

Eurythmy sessions

Austin, Texas USA

Thank yall for doing this addition to the soil summit, so good to center 🙂

Eurythmy sessions


I feel the light and love. Thank you Ruth!

Eurythmy sessions


Thank you David, so much for such great information about your operation and experience. We appreciate your time. Thank you, Natalie for such a great Summit! So grateful to be here!

Biodiversity with David Paterson

Dwight, BC Canada

Thank you Natalie for bringing us all together.

Biodiversity with David Paterson

MK, India

Thank you for creating this learning, sharing space...

Such a centered person, thank you Sir!

Biodiversity with David Paterson


Thanks so much David and Natalie! This has been a great session.

Biodiversity with David Paterson


I like the idea of using cover crops as a pest diversion while simultaneously reducing weed pressure!

Biodiversity with David Paterson

Iliya, New York USA

Thx! This summit is so amazing I'm glad I registered! 

Thank you to our sponsors and collaborators 💚 

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