Celebrating 100 Years of Biodynamics 

with 100 Biodynamic Conversations

LIVE on zoom • Monday, March 25 at 11am PDT 

Biodynamic Beekeeping, Raising Resilient Bees

Joy and Eric McEwen of Diggin’ Livin’ have a passion for beekeeping and a deep-rooted connection with the land. They use organic and biodynamic practices with over 600 bee hives, prolific gardens, chickens, ducks, and Nubian/Boer goats.

Q&A conversation on organic and biodynamic practices, minimizing external inputs, beekeeping, and apitherapy with the authors of Raising Resilient Bees.

On Diggin’ Livin’ (the Diggs), nature thrives, bees hum with joy, and harmony between man and nature is not just a philosophy but a way of life.

No cost... donations welcome.

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Celebration of 100 Years of Biodynamics 

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Publisher, Heart & Soil Magazine • Farmer/Gardener • Author • Healer • TEDx Speaker 

I'm a curious soul who loves to learn and see others thrive while living in harmony with Mother Earth.

I’m passionate about discovering and sharing what makes a garden, farm, or homestead successful on all levels. It's not just about the food you grow. Success is connecting with your land, how you take care of your soil, ecosystem, and yourself.

My professional roots are in Polarity Therapy and complementary medicine. I grew up on an organic and biodynamic farm, and now own and operate my own organic and biodynamic farm. As Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Heart & Soil Magazine, I now spend my time with my farm, in the thriving Heart & Soil Community, and with my teenage kids. I'm happy to bring you tools to bring your life to the next level.

Join us for 100 Biodynamic Conversations, where we’ll learn how to collaborate and co-create as nature intended.

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Biodynamic Demeter Alliance

We believe that biodynamic agriculture can heal people and the planet. We advance the adoption of biodynamic practices among growers and bring together producers, distributors, advocates, consumers, and policymakers to create a thriving, equitable agricultural system that nurtures and supports the well-being of communities economically, environmentally, and spiritually.



Improving the health of your soil is essential to increasing your output, but how can you tell if you are making progress?  Research shows that microbial biomass (fungi and bacteria) is the leading indicator of soil health. Living soil fixes nutrients, improves plant immunity, stores water more efficiently and builds soil structure, therefore, a healthy level of microbes increases productivity while reducing inputs.

microBIOMETER® is a low cost, 20-minute on-site soil test for microbial biomass and fungal to bacterial ratio that allows you to quickly determine the health of your soil. Frequent retesting will provide you with the data necessary to identify if your soil management practices are working.

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