Celebrating 100 Years of Biodynamics 

with Biodynamic Conversations

Celebrating Biodynamics 

Through conversation with farmers, gardeners, soil scientists, learn new ways to work with nature to grow nutritious food in living soil for health and harmony.

Learn to use ancient wisdom and current practices that are productive, efficient, and sustainable. 

You’re farming with cosmic energy whether you know it or not. The cosmos is there. It’s part of what nature is. You can learn to recognize and use the cosmic forces, but you can’t farm without them. Robby Gass


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Gaby Gonzalez

LIVE Q&A • Tuesday, July 2 at 9am PDT 

Biodynamics and Partner Growing

Discover how biodynamics nourishes the land, farmers, and community.

With a partner growing program, Foxhollow family farm shares its land to provide the opportunity for farmers, gardeners, and artisans to grow Biodynamic® and organic food in a supportive community. The partners farm an orchard, beehives, market garden, and flowers.

Join us for an inspiring discussion on the nourishing practices of biodynamics. Register now to gain invaluable wisdom from fourth generation family farmers. 

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Publisher, Heart & Soil Magazine • Farmer/Gardener • Author • Healer • TEDx Speaker 

I'm a curious soul who loves to learn and see others thrive while living in harmony with Mother Earth.

I’m passionate about discovering and sharing what makes a garden, farm, or homestead successful on all levels. It's not just about the food you grow. Success is connecting with your land, how you take care of your soil, ecosystem, and yourself.

My professional roots are in Polarity Therapy and complementary medicine. I grew up on an organic and biodynamic farm, and now own and operate my own organic and biodynamic farm. As Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Heart & Soil Magazine, I now spend my time with my farm, in the thriving Heart & Soil Community, and with my teenage kids. I'm happy to bring you tools to bring your life to the next level.

Join us for 100 Biodynamic Conversations, where we’ll learn how to collaborate and co-create as nature intended.

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Gaby Gonzalez

Q&A • Thursday, May 16 

The Biology of Biodynamics

Discover how to make biodynamics work for you with Robby Gass, an expert with 25+ years in organic and biodynamic agriculture. 

Bring your questions as we go deep into the synergy of the soil food web, living organisms, conventional agriculture, organic practices, biodynamics, and how natural forces are at work in everything we do.

Formerly a conventional farmer, Robby's journey shares the power of biodynamics. As a certified Soil Food Web Consultant with an M.Sc. in Organic Farming, he offers unmatched insight into holistic principles. 

Join us for an enlightening discussion on the transformative practices of biodynamics. Register now to gain invaluable wisdom from one of the industry's most respected voices.

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Gary Caton, Astronomer & Astrologer

LIVE Q&A • Tuesday, June 11 at 9am PDT 

Elemental Alchemy 

Fire • Earth • Air • Water

Join Gary P. Caton, Astronomer & Astrologer, for practical tips on working with the Earth's elements (fire, earth, air, water).

Understand how Maria Thun's elemental research complements Rudolph Steiner's original philosophy and contributes to increased germination, yields, nutrient-density, disease resistance. 


Growing up in rural Virginia, Gary developed passions for gardening and farming early in life and currently lives on a small farm in the New River valley. In 1993, Gary was initiated into the planetary mysteries by seeing alignments in a dream. His deep love of nature continues to fuel enthusiasm for biodynamics and the alchemy of Cosmic and Earthly rhythms.

No cost... donations welcome.  Your contribution helps us continue this important work and spread awareness about the benefits of biodynamic farming

Harald Hoven

LIVE Q&A • Thursday, June 6 at 11am PDT 

A Task for the Future

Developing Biodynamics for Anywhere in the World

Biodynamic practices can be used anywhere in the world, but what happens when the designated plants for your preparations don't grow in your region? Explore plant medicine solutions in relationship to biodynamics to boost soil fertility, plant health, crop yields and a diverse healthy ecosystem.

Harald Hoven is a German-trained farmer who developed a small, highly diversified biodynamic farm in California, where he raised crops, tended livestock, trained nearly 100 farm apprentices, and offered many workshops and courses to the students of Rudolf Steiner College and the general public for thirty years. He is a consultant and mentor for biodynamics wherever it is needed in the world.

No cost... donations welcome.  Your contribution helps us continue this important work and spread awareness about the benefits of biodynamic farming

Steven McFadden

LIVE Q&A • Thursday, June 6 at 9am PDT 

Awakenings and Deep Agroecology

Farming, Food, and Our Future

Join us for an enlightening interview with Steven McFadden, author of "Deep Agroecology." Discover how this innovative approach to farming promotes sustainable, regenerative practices, improves soil health, and fosters resilient communities. McFadden shares practical steps for farmers and gardeners, success stories, and his vision for the future of agriculture. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from an expert dedicated to transforming the way we grow our food and care for our environment.

For nearly 50 years independent journalist Steven McFadden has been reporting on wisdom ways, including organic and biodynamic agriculture. He is the author of 15 nonfiction books, and an epic, online nonfiction saga of the Americas, Odyssey of the 8th Fire. He is at work on Wind Walker, the biography of a gifted Navajo leader.

No cost... donations welcome.  Your contribution helps us continue this important work and spread awareness about the benefits of biodynamic farming

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Gaby Gonzalez

Q&A • Thursday, May 16 

Crucial Solutions to Food Security, Planetary Health and Poverty with Biodynamics

Experience a pivotal conversation with Helmy Abouleish, a leading figure in regenerative biodynamic agriculture, focusing on the transformative power of biodynamics. Uncover how these methods address critical global challenges: food security, climate change, and poverty.

Secure your spot now to gain insights from a visionary leader at the forefront of agricultural innovation. Register today and be part of the conversation shaping tomorrow's solutions.

Helmy Abouleish is the CEO of SEKEM Initiative in Egypt. SEKEM promotes Sustainable Development in a holistic approach; Ecological (biodynamic agriculture and its promotion, sustainable water management, renewable energies), Economic, Economy of Love (sustainable production of phytopharmaceuticals, organic textiles and food), Societal (sustainable community development) and Cultural (individual potential unfolding in Schools and university, integrative health, holistic research). Helmy Abouleish is the Chair of Ecotec and Sekem Development Foundation (SDF). Helmy is the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development, the first university in the Middle East to put sustainable Development in the heart of its mission, vision and core values.

He is the President of the Biodynamic Federation - Demeter International, in which he has been involved since its establishment and contributed to defining the Demeter International vision, mission, principles and values.

He is a member of the Club of Rome, a member of the board of C2C (Cradle to Cradle ), a member of the Schwab Foundation (World Economic Forum)and a board member of WSIF( World Social Initiative Forum) and WGA ( The World Goetheanum Association) and a Board Trustee at CIFOR- ICRAF. He is a Firekeeper of the World Ethic Forum and a counselor of the World Future Council .He is the Secretary General of Chapter Zero Egypt. As of 21 November 2023 Helmy Abouleish is a Board Member in the German Foundation Development and Climate Alliance.

No cost... donations welcome.  Your contribution helps us continue this important work and spread awareness about the benefits of biodynamic farming

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Gaby Gonzalez

Q&A • Tuesday, May 14

Permadynamics for Crop Vitality

Q&A conversation on permadynamics, using rounds of cover crops, homemade BD compost, 500 & 501 sprayings and BD compost extracts to  revitalize tired land.

Arq. Gabriela González, architect focused on environmental holistic projects, founder of Earthquitectura, aligns with permacultural concepts along with Biodynamic Agriculture and Natural Construction for the development of integral projects aimed to reconnect the human doing with nature and towards the expansion of consciousness through living space and landscape.

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Hans-Gunther Kern

Q&A • Thursday, May 2 

Biodynamic Composting & Pest Management

Q&A conversation on building a biodynamic compost pile, making liquid manures and other decoctions for integrated disease and pest management, identifying signs of imbalance in cultivars. 

Hans Günther Kern is a consultant and bio-dynamic lecturer who educates growers, producers, and communities with enthusiasm and wisdom.

No cost... donations welcome.

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Q&A • Monday, March 25

Biodynamic Beekeeping, Raising Resilient Bees

Joy and Eric McEwen of Diggin’ Livin’ have a passion for beekeeping and a deep-rooted connection with the land. They use organic and biodynamic practices with over 600 bee hives, prolific gardens, chickens, ducks, and Nubian/Boer goats.

Q&A conversation on organic and biodynamic practices, minimizing external inputs, beekeeping, and apitherapy with the authors of Raising Resilient Bees.

On Diggin’ Livin’ (the Diggs), nature thrives, bees hum with joy, and harmony between man and nature is not just a philosophy but a way of life.

No cost... donations welcome.

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Improving the health of your soil is essential to increasing your output, but how can you tell if you are making progress?  Research shows that microbial biomass (fungi and bacteria) is the leading indicator of soil health. Living soil fixes nutrients, improves plant immunity, stores water more efficiently and builds soil structure, therefore, a healthy level of microbes increases productivity while reducing inputs.

microBIOMETER® is a low cost, 20-minute on-site soil test for microbial biomass and fungal to bacterial ratio that allows you to quickly determine the health of your soil. Frequent retesting will provide you with the data necessary to identify if your soil management practices are working.

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Celestial Planting Calendar

Know what to plant when.

Harness the power of the cosmic influences for increased plant health and yields in this biodynamic planting calendar.

Based on the teachings of Rudolph Steiner, and the research of Maria Thun, Georg Schmidt, and Hugh Courtney.


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