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Heart & Soil Magazine is a fresh new regenerative farming and gardening magazine with an amazing community built around food sovereignty.

Life-changing tips and resources about biodynamics, organics, permaculture, Korean natural farming, composting, soil biology...and more are delivered with uplift and inspiration for you to build your soil health and transform your personal health. 

We amplify the best regenerative tips and techniques

With a foundation of science, experience, and heart, our contributors show you how to increase yields, build a business, transform your health, and grow healthy food while impacting global regeneration.

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FARMERS: Heart & Soil is built on a foundation of science, experience, and heart. We provide the best tips and techniques for today's land stewards to regeneratively increase yields, build a business, transform health, and impact global regeneration.

GARDENERS: Discover gardening hacks to save money, grow healthier plants without chemicals, build healthy soil, and put nutrient-dense food on your table for your family and friends.

NEW GROWERS: Discover easy to understand, and implement, tips, techniques, and strategies. Farm Features amplify what’s working and what’s not to help you save time and money.

HOMESTEADERS: Your farm is your ecosystem – learn how to get the most out of your homestead. Learn tips to use your space wisely, preserve your crops, and raise healthy thriving animals while giving your family the best possible life connecting with nature.

EARTH LOVERS: Learn how soil health impacts YOUR health. Discover your options for your family's optimal wellbeing. Enjoy the recipes and the frank discussion of taking agency for your health.

With more than 100 contributors from 16 countries (so far), you are sure to find excellent resources, ideas, science, and inspiration for your field, yard, and health.

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Notice our dance with the earth and love it fiercely.

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Be inspired by a love for nature and nurture nature as it nurtures you, body and soul. 

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Farmers are Climate Champions

We support you in stewarding the land and running a successful business.

Farmers and experts share boots-on-the-ground experience - diving into what works and what doesn’t… globally. Scientists and researchers show you the data, so you can make decisions that impact your yields and soil health. Business articles focus on specific steps and resources.

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Gardeners Grow Nourishment & Love

Whether gardening is your way of choosing healthy food for your family, a relaxing hobby, or a practical way to feed your community, we have tips for you.

"In order to make the most efficient burlap sack garden, fill the sack with half compost and half soil, and water frequently."

Marie-Pierre Bilodeau, REFARMERS, Issue 2 

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Eat for Health and Joy

Learn to skyrocket your wellbeing with regenerative living.

Continually improve your health and vibrancy with the food you choose, connection, and non-toxic living.

Explore what you didn't know you didn't know. 

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“This power packed magazine is so full of some of the best agriculture info available today from Elaine Ingham to the Rodale Institute- amazing regenerative farmers around the world taking climate change into their own hands helping our planet with education, sustainable and regenerative farming practices, and just plain heart and soul. Great job!!”

Awesome Montana


"Heart & Soil is beautifully written, informative, inspiring and artistically put together. A magazine subscription seems like the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays and just to let your favorite gardener, or want-to-be-in-the-garden-lover, that you care about them and our precious Mother Earth. Brava to the editor-in-chief, Natalie Forstbauer, for all those inspiring stories, garden hacks and regenerative farming methods you chose to highlight."

Artful Agility

Beautiful Magazine. Inspiring Content.

"Beautiful magazine, inspiring content 

Fascinating content, gorgeous images, and uplifting stories. My (vegetable-averse) daughter saw a photo of fresh carrots being harvested and said: those carrots look yummy! I loved the story of a young woman who transformed stones into fruits in Ethiopia."

Jen Chase

Same Heart

"I looked at the interview you did with Stephanie…I especially liked the part about cleansing from glyphosate and food. I've been eating like that for a long time (love fermenting, into Weston Price, etc...) It was such a great interview, I felt like Stephanie was my grandmother and you are like my sister with the same heart. Thank you so much for all you do."

Jeff at Buena Fruta Farm

First time read

"Loved the variety of subjects"

Wyoming, USA

This is for anyone who loves the Earth

"Great content, photos, recipes and more. This beautiful heartfelt magazine is for anyone who loves garden, nature and health."

Donna Maltz

Exceptionally Relevant 

"The healing of our fragile earth begins with restoring our soils, our waters, and our air on which all life depends."