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Heart & Soil Magazine is a fresh new regenerative farming and gardening magazine with an amazing community built around food sovereignty.

Life-changing tips and resources about biodynamics, organics, permaculture, Korean natural farming, composting, soil biology...and more are delivered with uplift and inspiration for you to build your soil health and transform your personal health. 

We amplify the best regenerative tips and techniques

With a foundation of science, experience, and heart, our contributors show you how to increase yields, build a business, transform your health, and grow healthy food while impacting global regeneration.

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Who is Heart & Soil Magazine for?


FARMERS: Heart & Soil is built on a foundation of science, experience, and heart. We provide the best tips and techniques for today's land stewards to regeneratively increase yields, build a business, transform health, and impact global regeneration.

GARDENERS: Discover gardening hacks to save money, grow healthier plants without chemicals, build healthy soil, and put nutrient-dense food on your table for your family and friends.

NEW GROWERS: Discover easy to understand, and implement, tips, techniques, and strategies. Farm Features amplify what’s working and what’s not to help you save time and money.

HOMESTEADERS: Your farm is your ecosystem – learn how to get the most out of your homestead. Learn tips to use your space wisely, preserve your crops, and raise healthy thriving animals while giving your family the best possible life connecting with nature.

EARTH LOVERS: Learn how soil health impacts YOUR health. Discover your options for your family's optimal wellbeing. Enjoy the recipes and the frank discussion of taking agency for your health.

Build your business • Grow Your Farm • Nourish Your Family • Connect with Community

With more than 100 contributors from 16 countries (so far), you are sure to find excellent resources, ideas, science, and inspiration for your field, yard, and health.

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“This power packed magazine is so full of some of the best agriculture info available today from Elaine Ingham to the Rodale Institute- amazing regenerative farmers around the world taking climate change into their own hands helping our planet with education, sustainable and regenerative farming practices, and just plain heart and soul. Great job!!”

Awesome Montana


"Heart & Soil is beautifully written, informative, inspiring and artistically put together. A magazine subscription seems like the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays and just to let your favorite gardener, or want-to-be-in-the-garden-lover, that you care about them and our precious Mother Earth. Brava to the editor-in-chief, Natalie Forstbauer, for all those inspiring stories, garden hacks and regenerative farming methods you chose to highlight."

Artful Agility

Beautiful Magazine. Inspiring Content.

"Beautiful magazine, inspiring content 

Fascinating content, gorgeous images, and uplifting stories. My (vegetable-averse) daughter saw a photo of fresh carrots being harvested and said: those carrots look yummy! I loved the story of a young woman who transformed stones into fruits in Ethiopia."

Jen Chase

Same Heart

"I looked at the interview you did with Stephanie…I especially liked the part about cleansing from glyphosate and food. I've been eating like that for a long time (love fermenting, into Weston Price, etc...) It was such a great interview, I felt like Stephanie was my grandmother and you are like my sister with the same heart. Thank you so much for all you do."

Jeff at Buena Fruta Farm

First time read

"Loved the variety of subjects"

Wyoming, USA

This is for anyone who loves the Earth

"Great content, photos, recipes and more. This beautiful heartfelt magazine is for anyone who loves garden, nature and health."

Donna Maltz

Exceptionally Relevant 

"The healing of our fragile earth begins with restoring our soils, our waters, and our air on which all life depends."


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Heart & Soil Contributors


Pause, restore, renew your mind, body, soul, and soil. Work with nature, collaborate with water, and tune into the 5 elements. Market your Biodynamic products, understand glyphosate facts, and be part of justice in the food system.


  • Liz Carlisle, Professor, UC Santa Barbara
  • Ryan Boland, Mercola Market
  • Chris Trump, Korean Natural Farming
  • Erica Gies, Journalist
  • Nicolette Richer, Regenerative Medicine Health Educator
  • Kelly Ryerson, Independent Public Health Advocate


Revive your soil and your health with new soil science, farm features, family farming, livestock, A2/A2 dairy, discovery organics, nutrient-dense food, healthy habits, and more.


  • James Francis White, Jr., Professor
  • Jeff Lowenfels
  • Blake Wydeman, Artist
  • Brody Irvine, Discovery Organics
  • Regenerative Organic Alliance
  • Sharon Egan, Alexandre Family Farm
  • Heriberto and Benina Montes, Burroughs Family Farms 
  • Ian, Linda, and Zach Grossart, Howpark Farms
  • Vanessa Nunes-Alexandre, Alexandre Family Farm 
  • Stephanie Alexandre, Alexandre Family Farm 
  • Omoke Ogaro Brian, The Organic Guy
  • Nicolette Richer, Regenerative Medicine Health Educator
  • IFOAM – Organics International featuring Mrs. Haregu Gobezay, Ethiopia


Growing in abundance with food forests, urban farming, homesteading, new farming, sacred farming, regenerative health, food, music, art, and community.


  • Dr. Judy Fitzpatrick, Prolific Earth Sciences
  • Deanna Ambrose
  • Vancouver Urban Food Forest Foundation
  • AY Young, musician
  • Liz Chick, artist
  • National Resources Defense Council
  • Rita Jean Flemming
  • Walter and Susan Moora, Finca Sagrada
  • Alana Henry, Young Family Farm
  • Stephanie Oswald, Parenting Chaos
  • Non-Toxic Neighborhoods
  • Joelene Gambicher
  • Nicolette Richer, Certified Regenerative Health Educator
  • Chef Ben Elliot, Saltbox Kitchen
  • Farmer Mark Congdon, Saltbox Farm


A celebration of seed wisdom, and the opportunities in our fields and in our lives. Seeding opportunities with literal seeds, farming experience, health, food, nature, art, and community. 


  • Amanda Forstbauer-Bourrie
  • Brian Maisenbacher, Founder, Earth Grower LLC
  • Dr. Judy Fitzpatrick, Prolific Earth Sciences
  • Nicolette Richer, Certified Regenerative Health Educator
  • Hipcamp
  • Kali Forstbauer, Organic Leaf Drop
  • Hans Günther Kern for Biodynamic Association UK
  • Caroline Hegstrom, The Boreal Farm
  • John Mills, Eagle Creek Farm
  • Dr. Robert J. Blakemore, Ecology Scientist
  • Perfect Earth Project
  • Non-Toxic Neighborhoods
  • Julie Bradley-Low, The Farmer Yoga Teacher
  • Ashley Madden, Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant
  • Allan Kuhn, Camphill Communities Ontario
  • Annette Parsons, Camphill Communities Ontario


Regenerating Land, Health, and Communities. 


  • Paul Hawken, Project Regeneration
  • Elke Deurr, WEb of Life Foundation
  • Harli Cameron
  • Dr. Judy Fitzpatrick, Prolific Earth Sciences
  • John Bailey, Hopland Research and Extension Center
  • Karen Rifkin
  • Heidi Hermann, Strong Arm Farm
  • Ed Schmidt III, River Bend Orchards
  • Conscious Ground
  • West Coast Seeds
  • Nicolette Richer, Certified Regenerative Health Educator
  • Chef Derek Gray, Row Fourteen
  • Tom Morris, Emoji Botanicals
  • Samuel Sarr, Kailend Farm


Food is essential to the soul of a community, whether growing in your healthy soil, offered at a farmers’ market, used as medicine in your kitchen, or as a shared meal. 


  • Nicolette Richer, Certified Regenerative Health Educator
  • Darcy Smith
  • Marie-Pierre Bilodeau, REFARMERS
  • Sam and Georgina Baker, Levenvale Farm
  • Jeff Paul, Buena Fruta Farm
  • Kathryn Aunger, Earth Haven Learning Centre
  • Rosemary Tayler, Earth Haven Learning Centre
  • Dr. Elaine Ingham, Microbiologist
  • Leyna Lightman
  • Alan Chubb, Quoins Organic Vineyard
  • Richard Robinson and Wendy Mechaber, Hopestill Farm 
  • Stefan Butler and Lindsay Cornwell, Nutrient Dense Farm
  • Janice Smith, Artist
  • Donna Schwenk, Cultured Food Life
  • Rita Flemming
  • Lisa Jendza, Freedom Kitchen
  • Heather O'Hara, BC Association of Farmers' Markets


Living soil is a gift of the Earth for us to steward responsibly. How does it impact YOUR health? And... how do YOU impact ITS health?


  • Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist, MIT
  • Dr. Ryan Lewis, Naturopathic Physician
  • Dr. Thierry Vrain, Molecular Biologist
  • Sarah Figueroa, My Adventure Kitchen
  • Hans Forstbauer, natural earth farmer
  • Donna Maltz, Soil to Soul Academy
  • Dr. Elaine Ingham, Microbiologist 
  • Sask Organics
  • Biodynamic Federation Demeter International 
  • Demeter Association, Inc. 
  • Kim Konte, Nontoxic Neighborhoods
  • Dr. Bruce Lanphear, ​​Pediatric Epidemiologist
  • Jeff Paul, Buena Fruta Farm
  • Sam and Georgina Baker, Levenvale Farm
  • Rey and Ryan, BluFarm Organics
  • Henrique Sloper de Araujo, CEO Camocim Organic
  • Kali Star, Soup Sorceress
  • Paula Brett, Artist
  • Julie Bradley-Low, The Farmer Yoga Teacher
  • Cate Stillman, The Yogaheale
  • Emoji Botanicals
  • Nicolette Richer, Certified Regenerative Health Educator 
  • Michael Kennard, Compost Club


We hear a lot about regeneration today, but what does it really mean?


  • Steve Churchill, Urban Worm Company
  • Dr. Robert J. Blakemore, Ecology Scientist 
  • Ron Finley, Founder Ron Finley Project
  • Rosemary Tayler, Earth Haven Learning Centre
  • Anna McAvoy-Emrick, Biodynamic Association
  • Charles Dowding, No-Dig Farmer
  • Dr. Elaine Ingham, Microbiologist 
  • WWOOF 
  • Nicolette Richer, Certified Regenerative Health Educator 
  • Rebecca Lefebvre, BSW, BSN, RN
  • Gene and Shelly Covert, Covert Farms Family Estate
  • Dylan Lehmann and Grace Gamage, Broom and Brine Farm
  • Kadir and Fakhirah, Kira Organic Farm
  • Liz Duerholt, Founder and Executive Director of Redefin'd
  • BAIF Organization
  • Jen Seymour, Artist



The power of gardening and listening to nature. 


  • Darby Weaver, High Mowing Organic Seeds
  • Timothy Forstbauer, Organic Leaf Drop Farm 
  • Kevin Espiritu, Epic Gardening
  • Marie-Pierre Bilodeau, REFARMERS
  • West Coast Seeds
  • Charles Dowding, No-Dig Farmer
  • Kali Star, Soup Sorceress
  • Odelia Chan, gardener
  • Solara Goldwynn and Tayler Krawczyk, Hatchet & Seed
  • Dr. Jacqui Wilkins, ND
  • Darcy Smith, Young Agrarians
  • Matt Powers, The Permaculture Student
  • Karalyn Hingston, Food Plant Solutions
  • Diane Epstein, Artist


Planetary health starts with soil and the foods we eat. What can you do?


  • Jeff Moyer, CEO, Rodale Institute
  • Sarah Dent, Young Agrarians    
  • Darcy Smith, Young Agrarians
  • Dana Penrice, Young Agrarians
  • Chef David McMillan
  • Marie-Pierre Bilodeau, REFARMERS
  • Dr. Elaine Ingham, Microbiologist
  • Kate Spring, Good Heart Farmstead
  • Dag Falck, Organic Program Manager, Nature’s Path
  • Leslie Ambrose, Ambrose Empowerment
  • Farmer’s Footprint
  • Diane Epstein, Artist
  • Aube Giroux, Kitchen Vignettes
  • OMRI
  • Jackie Marie Beyer, Green Organic Garden Podcast
  • Eric Payseur, Organic Transition Manager, Canadian Organic Growers
  • Kevin and Annamarie Klippenstein, Klippers Organic Acres    
  • Ken McCormick, IFOAM
  • Niklaus Forstbauer, Forstbauer Farm
  • Arran Stephens, Chair & Co-Founder, Nature’s Path

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