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Celebrating 100 Years of Biodynamics

Biodynamic Conversations Series

You are an intricate part of your farm's ecosystem. Learn to work with nature.

Biodynamic agriculture uses what’s in nature, with a sacred reverence for nature, honouring its continual processes, and using observation to learn from its brilliance.

Biodynamic Conversations Series in 2024

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The Soil Summit 2024

Biodiversity, Cultivating Life

20 world-renowned voices including pioneering farmers, groundbreaking researchers, and influential leaders, all sharing invaluable insights into regenerative, organic, and biodynamic farming.

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Strong and Doable

7 in 7 Yoga Challenge

Working in the fields can be strenuous. Wouldn't you like some relief? 

In just 7 minutes in 7 days you will:

  • Relieve strain
  • Reduce tension
  • Be more flexible
  • Strengthen your back
  • Improve strength 
  • Have more energy at the end of the day


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Cultivate Health

Farming with Yoga

Become stronger and experience greater energy while also feeling good mentally and emotionally

  • Work long hours feeling energized
  • Lift the heavy stuff with good posture
  • Have better balance in everything you do as a farmer
  • Grow feelings of happiness
  • Live in harmony with your farm, family, and friends
  • Release toxins, tensions, and negative feelings
  • Connect more deeply with your farming practices


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Be inspired by the brilliance of nature and fall deeply in love with life.


Build your soil and build a foundation for growth and health. 


Bring life into your fields, your body, and your community.

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Rave Reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Soil Summit

“There were many excellent webinars.

I have been to sessions with Elaine Ingram several times but her recorded interview was outstanding and learning about her research should be essential for everyone.

Vandana Shiva has been a mentor for me over many decades. Her interview was most inspiring. I have read many of her books and articles and I referenced her several times in my article on Agroecology in the 2021 summer edition of Ecological Farming in Ontario.

Dr. Stephanie Seraff provided very important information on the negative health impacts of glyphosate and its “toxic legacy” and why it is essential to educate all of us as to why glyphosate and other dangerous chemicals must be eliminated from food production, processing and distribution.

Chris Boettcher, Chris Trump, Anna Jones-Crabtree, Annamarie Klippenstein, and Nicolette Richer were very informative as well.”

Bob, Ontario Canada

The Soil Summit 

Brilliant exposé from a brilliant composter, and reassuring! Trust one's instincts, and learn from mistakes. Since understanding the microbiology in the soil, I've realized just how important feeding root systems is, and how BD preps work towards this. Many many thanks, Gaby and Natalie❣️

Biodynamic Composting with Gaby Gonzalez

Diana, Quebec Canada

The Soil Summit

Thank you for sanity and completeness in your worldview. and beautiful organism, your farm... Love from the Terai and terraces of Himalayas...

Soil Diversity with Chris Trump

Sameer, Himalayas

The Soil Summit

Thank you David, so much for such great information about your operation and experience. We appreciate your time. Thank you, Natalie for such a great Summit! So grateful to be here!

Biodiversity with David Paterson


The Soil Summit

Amazing Summit Natalie and Leslie! What a wonderful gift to bring people who care together from all over the world!

Charlotte, Maryland USA

The Soil Summit

THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!! Ruth.. Beautiful sessions!

Eurythmy sessions

Gustavo, Argentina

The Soil Summit

Thank you for creating this learning, sharing space...

Such a centered person, thank you Sir!

Biodiversity with David Paterson

MK, India

The Soil Summit

Thank you so much! Natalie that interview with Steph Seneff was absolutely amazing

Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Freddie, Hawaii USA

The Soil Summit

Thank yall for doing this addition to the soil summit, so good to center 🙂

Eurythmy sessions

Austin, Texas USA

The Soil Summit

Thx! This summit is so amazing I'm glad I registered! 

Iliya, New York USA

The Soil Summit

So much good information! Thank you all for putting this together.

Soil Diversity with Chris Trump

Chris, New Mexico USA

Year-End Vision Prep Workshop

Hi Natalie and Leslie, a quick thank you for the visioning workshop. It is one factor among many that has things moving and shaking inside me as I contemplate what am I doing with / in my life? One thing I particularly appreciated in the workshop was your open sharing about personal aspects of your own journey.


Year-End Vision Prep Workshop

Your Year-End Vision Prep session was nurturing and insightful. I love all the imagery of 'composting opportunities' and the discussion about seasons. Although I don’t have the connection of farming, the restorative wellness aspects speak loudly to me. So glad I joined!

Well done to both of you for a welcoming, safe, relaxing, interactive, and thought-provoking session. I look forward to tilling these ideas and watching the growth to come;)

KH, Illinois

Year-End Vision Prep Workshop

Good afternoon to you both, Natalie and Leslie, for this powerful visioning follow up, your support, and clarity for a truly regenerative life.

The takeaway for me was Leslie's counsel asking my heart the question about where is my support. Looking at this with fresh, observant eyes daily will give me at least a page of people around me every day that I can be grateful for their efforts to offer me support.  This will be extremely important as I move forward, as important as breathing.

I am grateful for you both and send support and love to you both knowing this is a journey and what you have put into making it this far.


The Gardening Summit

I'd have to say Cate Stillman was probably my favorite session yesterday just because I connected more deeply to the topic and found she has a very spirited way of communicating. However, I found all speakers amazing and there were too many takeaways to name. I loved the whole experience and am looking forward to today's speakers!

How Eating Wild Can Boost Your Health with Cate Stillman Q&A

Alanah Bonk, Canada

The Gardening Summit

Thank you for the interesting and valuable information! (Cate Stillman Q&A)
Lots of little nuggets! Lots of knowledge, information and value. Thank you, ladies!
Wonderful Garden Summit! Thank you all!

How Eating Wild Can Boost Your Health with Cate Stillman Q&A


The Gardening Summit

Natalie and Leslie, I'm so happy to know about the work you do and how you have been bringing a community of people together who carry a strong message about caring for ourselves and the soil. The conference is terrific and I feel so inspired by the speakers. I'm taking in what I can as a newbie and will consider an online subscription to Heart & Soil Magazine to carry the benefits and blessings forward. Thank-you


The Gardening Summit

Incredible talk, Icing on the cake of a fabulous, informative, inspiring 4 days!

Reverse Chronic Illness with Gardening, Nicolette Richer Q&A


Eat Wild Weeds Challenge

Life is all about perspective ⭐️

Thank you for accepting an invisible listener…I was a newbie to wild edible plants and ZOOM! Your presentation was marvelous…just the right amount of information presented in a relaxed manner.

After day 2 I went to one of my weed books and viewed the plants in a whole different context. No longer was I identifying weeds for what WOULD KILL THEM but for what to HARVEST for the evening salad. Life is all about perspective!


7 in 7 Yoga Challenge

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! The flexibility to practice at home (especially with a tight schedule!) and to reschedule if necessary.

Julie Bradley-Low, The Farmer Yoga Teacher

7 in 7 Yoga Challenge

I loved how all movements were either tailored to my current issues, issues I may experience while farming, and my general well-being. I felt like the classes were really meant for me, and I could tell you took time to plan out the lessons.

Julie Bradley-Low, The Farmer Yoga Teacher

7 in 7 Yoga Challenge

I love that you have the background, experience, and genuine care to address my individual needs.

Julie Bradley-Low, The Farmer Yoga Teacher

Learn Together

The Soil Summit 2023

How can you use Biodynamics and Korean Natural Farming to regenerate your soil and improve your plants? Learn with the leading experts in 30 incredible sessions.

Connect with your land, grow healthy plants, and love the planet.

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Simple and Fun

The Gardening Summit 2023

Gardening shouldn't be complicated, and eating your own healthy food shouldn't be intimidating! That's why we offer 20 transformational sessions with farmers, gardeners, and health experts. Find just what you need today.

Love your garden and transform your health!

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Power in Visioning

Year-End Visioning Workshop

Finish your year strong! Natalie and Leslie guide you through the process of preparing and implementing just what you need!

Get support as you commit to YOU. 

Tailored for You

Marketing for Farmers

Healthy and Happy

The Art of a Joyful Holiday Season

Holidays shouldn't be just a list of tasks. Learn the secrets to finding your own joy. Discover how to stress less and create meaningful moments throughout the season.

Live with Natalie and Leslie.