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Join us in envisioning a new normal for farming. One where farming is profitable, you feel supported, your soil is alive, you have the energy to do all the things you need to do, and your farm is everything you dream it to be.

This is our vision for you and your farm, and we believe it’s 100% possible.

Plan for a beautiful, affordable, profitable farm with healthy plants, nutrient-dense food, and rich biodiverse soil.

Build Your Dream Farm Bootcamp

Build Your Dream Farm

Be energized and inspired

Are you ready to cultivate your dream farm and create a life filled with passion, purpose, and profitability?

Join us in designing the way you approach farming with our Build Your Dream Farm Bootcamp!

6 Sessions

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The Soil Summit 2024

Transform Your Soil

into a living biodiverse ecosystem

Improve production, plant health, soil fertility, and nutrient-density of the food you grow.

20 Sessions

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Celestial Planting Calendar

Celestial Planting Calendar

Know what to plant when.

The 10th edition of the Celestial Planting Calendar celebrates 100 years of Biodynamic Agriculture, with clear monthly charts based on the teachings of Maria Thun.

For the beginner or the expert, work with cosmic influences to make planning easy and enjoy increased yields.

World-renowned biophilic artist Diane Epstein illuminates the splendor and power of nature. Each month is a work of art.

Now Available

Gorgeous 12"x12" Wall Calendar for $22, plus shipping


Digital Option, only $11 today

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The Magazine

Heart & Soil Magazine

Heart & Soil Magazine is a fresh new regenerative farming and gardening magazine • published quarterly

• Learn proven ways to improve your soil health through regenerative practices including biodynamics, organics, permaculture, Korean natural farming, composting, soil biology 

• Build your business with regenerative and economic success

• Discover the best ways to grow nutrient-dense food 

Transform your health with wild healthy habits

• Create a healthy biodiverse ecosystem working with nature

• Not a farmer? Learn how your food is grown and how to grow your own!

• We honour Earth and revere nature

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Be inspired by the brilliance of nature and fall deeply in love with life.


Build your soil and build a foundation for growth and health. 


Bring life into your fields, your body, and your community.

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Heart & Soil TV

Tips, strategies, and excellent conversations with farmers, gardeners, scientists, and regenerative health experts!

What's the newest thing?

More than 100 conversations (so far) include...

  • Rhizophagy Soil Science
  • Tips for Farm-to-Table
  • Composting and Soil Health
  • Beginning a Garden
  • Advice for New Farmers
  • Korean Natural Farming
  • Biodynamic Farm Practices
  • Farming without Owning Land
  • Build Your Microbial Biomass
  • Fermenting Food
  • Reverse Chronic Illness
  • Transitioning to Organic
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Soil Is a Living System

Nicole Masters, Agroecologist

Soil health involves nurturing a diverse and thriving ecosystem of microbes, fungi, and other organisms that create a balanced and nutrient-rich environment for plants.

Nicole Masters is a Soil Maven and Earth Warrior. She brings both grit and grace to her practices and teachings as an agroecologist, author, and coach.

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