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Heart & Soil Magazine is your guide to regenerative farming and gardening to improve soil health and your health

The best tips and techniques to quickly impact your farm, garden, business, health, and community

With more than 100 experts from around the world, Heart & Soil has features and articles for you to directly improve SOIL health and YOUR health. Read them all with today's subscription!

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Farmers are Climate Champions

We support you in stewarding the land and running a successful business.

Farmers and experts share boots-on-the-ground experience - diving into what works and what doesn’t… globally. Scientists and researchers show you the data, so you can make decisions that impact your yields and soil health. Business articles focus on specific steps and resources.

Gardeners grow nourishment and love

Whether gardening is your way of choosing healthy food for your family, a relaxing hobby, or a practical way to feed your community, we have tips for you.

"In order to make the most efficient burlap sack garden, fill the sack with half compost and half soil, and water frequently."

Marie-Pierre Bilodeau, REFARMERS, Issue 2 

Do you eat well so you feel strong and energetic?

Learn to skyrocket your wellbeing with regenerative living.

Join us for regenerative farming and gardening, environmental impact, and transformative health. 

  • Featuring business successes
  • Addressing modern challenges
  • Highlighting impact
  • Inspiring action
  • Offering wonders of well-being
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