Celestial Planting Calendar 2024 Special Edition
Celestial Planting Calendar 2024 Special Edition
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Why the Celestial Planting Calendar

Harness the power of nature's rhythms with ease

The 10th edition of the Celestial Planting Calendar celebrates 100 years of Biodynamic Agriculture, with clear monthly charts based on the teachings of Maria Thun. For the beginner or the expert, work with cosmic influences to make planning easy and enjoy increased yields. World-renowned biophilic artist Diane Epstein illuminates the splendor and power of nature. Each month is a work of art.

The Celestial Planting Calendar was previously published by Earth Haven Learning Centre.

Why the Celestial Planting Calendar with Heart & Soil?

  • We support you to be empowered as an intricate part of your farm/garden
  • We have a deep unwavering reverence for the power of nature
  • For 10 years, the process of creating this calendar has been refined based on current research and user needs
  • Charts include when to apply Biodynamic preps, sow seeds, transplant, and harvest
  • Calculations are thorough, based on moon, sun, and planetary movements

Timing Is Everything

  • Know what to plant when
  • Track critical solar, lunar, and stellar events for agricultural success
  • As planets travel in front of the Zodiac, they focus energetic impulses coming from these constellations. Applying this knowledge enables you to work in harmony with stars, planets, plants, and the land
  • Calculated weather forecasting


  • Growers report increased yields while following the charts of what to plant when
  • The value of this extra harvest is reported to be more than the cost of the calendar 

All Types of Growers Benefit

  • Rooted in Biodynamic principles, calculations support farms, market gardens, backyard gardens, patio gardens, and indoor plantings
  • Calculations are tailored to North America
  • Whether you pre-plan your entire season or decide each day, the charts are for you

No Astronomical or Astrological Knowledge Required

  • The calendar supports you where you're at. No astronomical or astrological knowledge? Follow the clear charts of what to plant when. Learn as much as you're interested in diving into 
  • Calculations are done for you. You simply follow the day's chart 
  • Are you advanced? Key Planetary Aspects are geared toward you, with astronomical information that has been shown to affect plant growth and nutritional quality. Based on George Schmidt's research

Tapping into Ancient Wisdom

  • Astrology has long been used for agriculture. The ancient practice of working in harmony with celestial rhythms has been refined by agricultural researchers and practitioners around the world 

Bring the Splendor of Nature into Your Home with Biophilic Art

  • We're honoured to feature the work of world-renowned biophilic artist, Diane Epstein in the 2024 calendar
  • Diane's art fuels a love of nature and a feeling of interconnectedness

Embrace Interconnectedness

Life is a seamless tapestry and all the threads are necessary.

We can observe and harness Nature's brilliance and power. Soil health is necessary for plant health. Microbes in the soil support plant immunity. Healthy plants are nutrient-dense and support your body's microbes.

The elements of fire, air, earth, and water are individually essential, and collectively powerful. Sunlight, temperature, rain, and soil must be considered in agriculture. The cosmic forces of sun, moon, stars, and planets influence the elements and the conditions for growing.

The grower not only nurtures the soil and plants but is an intricate part of the growing experience. With meticulous observation and a deeper insight into challenges and possible solutions, the grower can foster harmony and balance in the farm organism. 

The essential theme of Biodynamic agriculture is interconnectedness – between sky and earth, plant and soil, humans and their environment. Your role of observer is just as crucial as your role as active participant. Your inner nature affects your outer world. This oneness with the farm/garden extends into the community and nurtures all life. 



The Benefits

Rooted in Biodynamics

  • Know when to apply your Biodynamic preps
  • Today's charting methods have been refined by agricultural researchers and practitioners around the world
  • Rooted in thousands of years of growing with celestial rhythms
  • Backed by observational data
  • Sacred farming honouring all elements of life

Easy to Read

  • Charts show you what to plant each hour of the year
  • Colour-coded by element – fire (fruit), earth (root), air (flower), and water (leaf) 
  • Monthly articles describe weather forecasting and the agricultural effect of the relation of the sun, moon, and Zodiac influences on cosmic energy

Inspires Confidence

  • Tap into the wisdom of nature
  • Dance with planetary rhythms
  • Harmonize with lunar, solar, and stellar movements
  • Hands in the soil and eyes lifted to the horizon
  • Expect high germination rates
  • Feel the interconnectedness from seed... to grower

Wall Calendar

Printed wall calendar includes 13 months of daily charts, December 2023 through December 2024

Special Edition Size 12"x12" 

☆ BONUS Includes a link to download the monthly charts for quick access on the go

☆ BONUS Includes digital access to the calendar and resources! Check your email for log in details.

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CANADIANS | SPECIAL $20 Print Calendar with FREE SHIPPING, plus Digital! →
USA | SPECIAL $20 Print Calendar with FREE SHIPPING, plus Digital! →

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Thorough and dynamic, with detailed astronomical calculations, key planetary aspects, solar and lunar rhythms, biodynamic prep application timing, and a reverence for interconnectedness.

Ancient wisdom is presented in a structured format for your convenience.

How it Works

The Celestial Planting Calendar has daily charts based on astronomical calculations

Celestial Planting Calendar is a great tool to add to your agriculture planning

Use the colour-coded charts to know which days to plant or harvest fruit, root, flower, and leaf plants

  • Simple: Colour-coded for the plants associated with the elements of fire (fruit), earth (root), air (flower), and water (leaf)
  • Daily: Each hour of each day of the year is charted with which type of plant is ideal to plant, transpant, or harvest
  • Monthly: Daily charts are presented in a monthly format, along with a written description of key celestial events and weather projections relevant to your agriculture
  • Celestial: Moon phase, Moon in Zodiac, Key Planetary Aspects, Noteworthy Events
  • Nature's Splendor: Each month has stunning artwork depicting the depth and sacredness of nature to connect you deeply with creation, featuring world-renowned biophilic artist Diane Epstein

The Celestial Planting Calendar is "a tool to help you tune in to the natural forces around you and set up a rhythm and dance with those forces.” Gary Caton, the Calendar's astronomer and astrologer

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Easy Planning

Use the charts to plan the entire season or your next 15 minutes in the field

Access the Power of Nature

The calculations give you access to the cosmic energies working in your favour

It's for Every Grower

Anyone who puts a seed in soil can benefit from the astrological charts

Learn more about using

Celestial Planting Calendar

in these videos

Increase Yields Using the

Celestial Planting Calendar

In this video Interview, Rosemary Tayler and Kathryn Aunger of Earth Haven Learning Centre demonstrate the Celestial Planting Calendar and how easy it is to harness the power of nature's rhythms.

The calendar is organized to show what to plant when.

How is the Celestial Planting Calendar incredibly useful for increased yields and ease of planning?

How are the principles of the calendar rooted in ancient wisdom and scientific experiments?

What inspired its creation?

Would you love to know the best time to apply your biodynamic preparations?

Whether you are deepening into your farming journey or taking the first steps of gardening, learn how this tool will inspire your confidence as it offers the practicalities of working with nature.


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How and Why to Use the

Celestial Planting Calendar

The farming aspect of astrology is primary. Long before it was used for birth charts, astrology was used for weather and agriculture.

In this video interview, the Celestial Planting Calendar astrologer and astronomer Gary Caton discusses the ancient wisdom and modern practicality of astrology in farming and gardening.

Wondering why potatoes and carrots aren’t storing well? You may have harvested them on a water day. The celestial planting calendar charts which days are best for harvest, planting, transplanting, and applying biodynamic preparations.

Maria Thun devoted over 50 years to research these subtle effects on plants. Her father had studied with Rudolf Steiner around 1924, and Maria wanted to explore the finer details of Steiner's teachings related to agriculture.

In addition to healthy plants and increased yields, following the planetary rhythms helps us to connect more deeply with the rhythms and ecosystem of our farm and garden.


Learn How to Use the

Celestial Planting Calendar


In this video, see the experience of using and reading the charts of the Celestial Planting Calendar. 

Note that the calendar in this video is a previous year's calendar, and the format is slightly different in 2024.

Calculations are based on the actual constellations, not the tropical zodiac.

Monthly page key information is colour-coded to one of the four elements and the respective weather and plants: Green/Earth/Cold/Root, Blue/Water/Damp/Leaf, Red/Fire/Heat/Fruit, Yellow/Air/Light/Flower.

With unfavourable times to plant/harvest also noted.

Moon Phases and the Moon in Zodiac are graphed. Phases of the moon affect the watery forces within the soil just as the moon affects tides. 

Bright Blessings.

Meet the Artist

Diane Epstein, biophilic artist


Illuminating the Spirit of Place and Nature’s Splendor
Diane Epstein’s Biophilic Art & Fresco Photography

Diane Epstein Art

Diane Epstein's innovative works of fresco photography and biophilic art have a distinctive fresco-like quality, blending photography with mixed media art, crafting captivating images evoking vivid natural and historical essence, and pictorial romanticism. 

“My art serves as a tribute to the preciousness of all living beings, creating emotionally resonant sanctuaries to infuse vitality into our interior space. I aim to create a mood that reflects a vision and captures a fresh perspective - a tranquil oasis, a mystical aura, a monumental symmetry, a natural, sensual allure.”

Diane’s approach integrates healing elements with 'fresco photography,' a technique she pioneered in 2004, which entails superimposing images using original photography, painting, and collage.

With decades of artistic exploration across America, Europe, and Asia, and a two-decade chapter of her life spent in Rome, Italy, Epstein's portfolio encapsulates the spirit of place, sacred aliveness, and an unwavering focus on the radiant gifts of the natural world. As she returns to her California studio in picturesque Point Richmond, overlooking the stunning San Francisco Bay and Marin, her artistry continues to flourish in this ever-changing vista and blossoming garden beneath.

"My signature fresco style captures nature and old-world European artistry, layering monuments, landscapes, angels, buddhas, and the human form with aged stone, richly pigmented walls, and the delicate presence of flora and fauna. These elements converge, infusing contemporary settings with depth and significance. My Fresco Photography process involves superimposing multiple images, creating perceptual layers that bridge the realms of painting and photography.

My work weaves biophilic art and design principles - natural cycles, roots, ruins, waves, blooms, portals, patterns and textures that influence both human-made structures and our psyche. This interplay settles into a biological familiarity, relaxing the mind, sparking imagination and nurturing well-being, as the intricate underlying elements of the fresco and fractal-like images unfold.

Artist, Photographer, Poet, Creative Coach, Retreat Facilitator  

In addition to painting, photography, and collage, her poetic touch with the written word accompanies the calendar’s monthly images. 

Diane Epstein also offers art gatherings and private creative coaching and retreats, providing nurturing spaces for artists or non-artists and nature-lovers to express themselves through various mediums, including painting, photography, collage, writing, and rejuvenating experiences.

Diane has been commissioned to create large-scale art installations and has been featured in numerous gallery exhibitions around the world.

Connect with Diane online www.DianeEpsteinArt.com.

See her most recent portfolio. Contact her if any of the fresco images spark your interest, or you have a collaborative project in mind.

Rave Reviews

Cultural and Art Review Journalist Elisa Lorenzini lauds Epstein's work, recognizing her for “...infusing images with an aging, intricate web of cracks, lacerations, and rusting hues, capturing the essence of objects and landscapes in their historical splendor.

Lorenza Trucchi, a revered Italian Art Critic, praises, “Diane Epstein is an original artist who has developed a profound and extraordinary technique with genuine inspiration. Her fresco images reveal an artist and personality deserving of great admiration and respect.

Diane's Upcoming Exhibition

Point Richmond Gallery

December 9, 2023 - February 11, 2024

Nature, Architecture and the Spirit of Place : Diane Epstein’s Biophilic Art & Fresco Photography

145 West Richmond Ave., Point Richmond, California

Opening reception Saturday, December 9 from 3-7pm PST. All are welcome!

Meet this phenomenal artist and lovely human!

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Sample Page


Learn more about using the Celestial Planting Calendar

The calculations for the Celestial Planting Calendar are based on astronomy and the scientific observation of Rudolf Steiner, Maria Thun, Georg Schmidt, Hugh Courtney, and others. Learn more with these papers...

CLICK TO READ→ | Georg Schmidt • Methods of Seed Regeneration
CLICK TO READ→ | Georg Schmidt • Summary of Methods of Seed Regeneration
CLICK TO READ→ | Hugh Courtney • Introduction to Sequential Spraying
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