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Heart & Soil Magazine is a fresh new regenerative farming and gardening magazine • published quarterly

• Learn proven ways to improve your soil health through regenerative practices including: biodynamics, organics, permaculture, Korean natural farming, composting, soil biology 

• Build your business with regenerative and economic success

Transform your health with wild healthy habits

• Create a healthy biodiverse ecosystem working with nature

• Not a farmer? Learn how your food is grown and how to grow your own!

• We are about honouring Earth and nature

• Discover the best ways to grow nutrient-dense food 

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Heart & Soil Events

Plan for a thriving organic garden, grow healthier plants, feed your soil, and improve your well-being with 20 power-packed sessions.

Explore the power of soil, the importance of composting, and the joy of harvesting.

Learn more about the connection between food and health, and how to create a healthy and vibrant lifestyle through gardening.

The Gardening Summit is an online event to up-level your gardening practices, to really enjoy your time in the yard, to feel deeper into your relationship with nature, to tune into the food you grow, and to honour your best life.

Learn from gardeners, homesteaders, experts, and enthusiasts to discuss tips and strategies for feeding your plants naturally, suppressing weeds and pests, and to learn the health benefits of more than just the vegetables in your yard.

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For centuries we've used ancient wisdom and technology to grow food, yet in recent years we've created distance and disconnection from not only how we grow food, but disconnection from the food we eat.

The Soil Summit is an invitation to up-level your farming practices, to feel deeper into your relationship with the land you steward, to tune into the crops you grow, and to honour deeply the livestock you shepherd.

Biodynamic and Korean Natural Farming show you how to farm with nature, love the land you farm, and nourish your own personal well-being as you navigate your journey.

We are excited to bring together leaders, experts, farmers, and enthusiasts to discuss the many benefits of these sustainable farming practices.

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Heart & Soil Community

Farmers are Climate Champions

We support you in stewarding the land and running a successful business.

Farmers and experts share boots-on-the-ground experience - diving into what works and what doesn’t… globally. Scientists and researchers show you the data, so you can make decisions that impact your yields and soil health. Business articles focus on specific steps and resources.

Gardeners grow nourishment and love

Whether gardening is your way of choosing healthy food for your family, a relaxing hobby, or a practical way to feed your community, we have tips for you.

"In order to make the most efficient burlap sack garden, fill the sack with half compost and half soil, and water frequently."

Marie-Pierre Bilodeau, REFARMERS, Issue 2 

Do you eat well so you feel strong and energetic?

Learn to skyrocket your wellbeing with regenerative living.

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Heart & Soil Interviews

Got Weeds? Try NO-DIG Gardening with Charles Dowding 

Charles Dowding began his journey with a desire to grow his own chemical-free food, which was not easy to buy. With too many weeds, he began experimenting with no-dig. With curiosity and tenacity, Charles became a leading innovator of organic and no-dig gardening.

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