Become stronger and experience greater energy while also feeling good mentally and emotionally

  • Work long hours feeling energized
  • Lift the heavy stuff with good posture
  • Have better balance in everything you do as a farmer
  • Grow feelings of happiness
  • Live in harmony with your farm, family, and friends
  • Release toxins, tensions, and negative feelings
  • Connect more deeply with your farming practices
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Guided Journal Handbook

Deepens you into your wellness journey, helping you identify what yoga practices are best for you.

4 Powerful Seasonal Practices

These guide you throughout the year - each is about 40 minutes long. Make time for the entire practice, or just do the parts that work for you.

Seasonal Guided Breath Practices

Relaxing, restorative, energizing, and nourishing breath practices to help you be grounded and energized.

Power Poses for Each Season

These are simple and can be done anywhere, anytime, any place.



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Farming Through the Seasons with Yoga 

Here's what you get with this year-long program that supports you in your optimal health:

☮ 4 long-form seasonal yoga practices (about 40 min each)

☮ A guided handbook to deepen you into your practice

☮ Seasonal breath practices to use while farming or in meditation

☮ Seasonal power poses

☮ Regular email guidance from Julie Bradley-Low, The Farmer Yoga Teacher


By signing up for the year-long course, Farming Through the Seasons with Yoga, you are planting the seeds of wellness into the garden of your livelihood and lifestyle.

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