"Your Year-End Vision Prep session was nurturing and insightful. I love all the imagery of 'composting opportunities' and the discussion about seasons. Although I don’t have the connection of farming, the restorative wellness aspects speak loudly to me. So glad I joined!

Well done to both of you for a welcoming, safe, relaxing, interactive, and thought-provoking session. I look forward to tilling these ideas and watching the growth to come;)" KH, Nov 22 participant

"Good afternoon to you both, Natalie and Leslie, for this powerful visioning follow up, your support, and clarity for a truly regenerative life.

The takeaway for me was Leslie's counsel asking my heart the question about where is my support. Looking at this with fresh, observant eyes daily will give me at least a page of people around me every day that I can be grateful for their efforts to offer me support.  This will be extremely important as I move forward, as important as breathing.

I am grateful for you both and send support and love to you both knowing this is a journey and what you have put into making it this far." DB, Nov 8 and 22 participant

Natalie Forstbauer

Meet your facilitator, Natalie Forstbauer, CPT, TedX speaker, organic biodynamic farmer, and founder of Heart & Soil Magazine. Natalie combines her intuitive genius with her passion for people to live in their full and true potential. Being barefoot in the fields, good food, and connecting with nature are her favourite things.

She brings her life experience as a brain injury thriver (survivor) to help people lean into and discover the power of transformation through self compassion and grace.

Her farm experiences range from on-farm sales, direct marketing at local farmers' markets, selling to wholesalers, selling direct to stores, and national placement in stores across Canada. Natalie has a true gift of helping people to lean into their gifts and create a business they love. 

Leslie Ambrose

Meet your facilitator, Leslie Ambrose, best selling author, Certified Transformational Leader, and editor extraordinaire of Heart & Soil Magazine. Leslie is a nature lover, backyard gardener, and has a passion for people to live joyfully and authentically.

When she's not behind the computer screen for Heart & Soil, you will often find her in the kitchen cooking her favourite fresh foods for her family and friends, barefoot in her backyard, or playing with her puppies in the forest behind her home.

She brings her wisdom as a sage communicator, coach, and creative in her work with others. Her humour and divine essence puts people at ease to deepen into their inner wisdom and to connect with what matters most. Her background includes a Bachelors in Business and varied business experience.