Advanced Brain Training

Experience the limitless potential of your brain as you tap into its innate wisdom and tune into its optimal state, regardless of your starting point.

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Why Advanced Brain Training with NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback

The world’s first and only Dynamical® Brain Training system

Why NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback with Heart & Soil?

  • I researched Neurofeedback extensively before choosing NeurOptimal®.

  • For 10 years I looked into and read about neurofeedback before investing in Zengar Institute's NeurOptimal®

    Neurofeedback. I chose NeurOptimal® because it is safe, affordable, and leading edge.

  • Personalized coaching, tutoring and brain training via Zoom with all rentals and sessions.

It Is Safe

  • The training adds nothing to the brain; it simply mirrors back information to the brain. With NeurOptimal® YOUR brain decides how to respond.  It's like looking in a mirror for your brain. An analogy:  your body might be out of alignment or you may be slouching, and you don’t realize it - until you see yourself in a mirror, and then you straighten up. Brain training with NeurOptimal® gives feedback to the brain to optimize, just like looking in a mirror. Other systems: A “trainer” uses protocols to train the brain.

Affordable - Less Expensive

  • NeurOptimal® is less expensive for consumers. With NeurOptimal®, your brain gives the feedback. There is no diagnosis or room for technician errors. Other systems: Need an expensive brain map to be generated by a technician before training can be done.

Your Brain - Your Journey

  • No diagnosis is required. All users are trained in the same manner. This isn’t treatment. NeurOptimal® is designed to promote a flexible-and-resilient mindset. Athletics, creativity, work, relationships, learning, competing… no matter where your lifestyle takes you, an optimal mindset helps you to be your best. Other systems: Require practitioners to diagnose a problem so that a treatment plan can be mapped out.

All Types of Brains Benefit

  • ADHD, autism, dyslexia, stress, anxiety, neurodivergent, OCD - will it help these? We like to emphasize that this type of neurofeedback is brain training, not a treatment, so it doesn’t treat any specific disorder or condition.  What it does do is communicate directly with the central nervous system, helping it to come more into balance.  As that happens, over a series of sessions, all sorts of symptoms and issues, including those related to various diagnosis, start to recede, and change.
  • The tutoring, coaching and brain training included in the NeurOptimal training sessions helps support brain health.

No Monitoring Required

  • In NeurOptimal® sessions your brain responds based on its own feedback. Other systems: Client needs to be monitored closely within and across sessions. Practitioners change what they do based on what they see or don't see and on unwanted or wanted side effects in client.

Tapping Into the Unconscious Mind

  • You just sit back and relax in a NeurOptimal® session. You do not have to “achieve” anything. This is tapping into the unconscious mind which is powerful. It allows you to tap into your mind/body connection to help optimize your life. The unconscious is our blueprint to how we show up in the world. Other systems: Seek to train the conscious mind to control brainwave activity. Requires conscious effort from the client to meet externally imposed goals.

Moment to Moment Feedback

NeurOptimal® measures your brain’s electrical activity 256x per second, that's more than half a million times during a 33-minute Session. The brain makes adjustments using real time feedback across a wide spectrum of frequencies meant to increase overall mental fitness. Other systems: Weekly or monthly feedback from the patient is used to evaluate and control the training regimen. It's time consuming and costly, often doubling session time at no additional benefit.

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The Benefits

It's Unique

  • NeurOptimal® takes neurofeedback brain training out of the office and into the home
  • NeurOptimal®  is comfortable and non-invasive: Backed by 3+ million Session hours
  • NeurOptimal® makes Brain Training technology accessible and affordable for virtually everyone
  • NeurOptimal®  is a relaxing, comfortable, and enjoyable Brain Training experience
  • NeurOptimal® is a universal human performance tool with the potential to help you achieve your goals

Fast, Flexible and Dynamical

  • Backed by over 3 million successful Sessions and thousands of happy clients, NeurOptimal® is an effective and popular Brain Training system
  • NeurOptimal®  eclipses linear neurofeedback with the world’s first Dynamical Neurofeedback® Brain Training system: Fast, flexible, and precise to best match the brain’s dynamic nature
  • Sync with yourself

Optimize Your Brain

  • Harmonize your brain
  • Get your Zen on
  • Optimize your thoughts, change your world
  • Train your brain to a better you
  • A more resilient you is a better you
  • A trained brain is an optimal brain
  • Brain Training, Mental Training, Personal Transformation
  • An optimal mindset is key to living a fulfilled life!

 “I rented a NeurOptimal®  System for my daughter to try out. She used it herself and for her seven year old son with ADHD and autism. The changes were fabulous. My daughter felt like she got her life back, and her son is doing much better in school.”

S. Anderson

How it Works

NeurOptimal® measures your brain’s electrical activity more than half a million times during a 33-minute Session.

NeurOptimal® is a great tool to add to your wellness program

Neurofeedback training for the brain is similar to physical exercise for the body.

  • Simple: Much like a mirror that promotes self-correction, NeurOptimal® monitors your brain waves and then provides “feedback” to your central nervous system about what it has just done. The brain responds by "correcting" itself.
  • Individual: NeurOptimal® has been described as helping you open a communication channel with your inner pilot to set a course for personal success. EVERY session is different and unique responding to your brain in real time.
  • Progressive: With each sequential session, your brain learns a little bit more about itself.

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is Brain Fitness. It is like going to the gym for your brain.

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Train at Home

Train in the comfort of your own home, saving time and money.

Make it Easy

Optimize your brain health and train with ease and simplicity. 

It's for Everyone

NeurOptimal® is safe for all ages, everyone can benefit from dynamical brain training.

Rent Your Own Professional System

Choose the package that's right for you and your family!


The latest NeurOptimal® 3.5 system for rent is the same technology used in clinics worldwide.


What’s included in the neurofeedback rental? 

Our rental plans include all materials required to train (including paste) and access to regular check-ins with Natalie. We have found clients prefer to use their own headphones or earbuds, so headphones are not included.  Any headphones or earbuds are fine to use for the training or use the tablet's build-in speakers. The only requirement is that the client has access to wi-fi every 7 days to allow the software license to stay up-to-date.


BONUS: All rental packages include Laser Brain Training Coaching with Natalie

($497/month Value)

Personal Package

1 month Rental includes

12 sessions

Additional sessions are only $60 each

Ideal for one person

BONUS: Laser Brain Training Coaching

Family Package

1 month Rental includes

22 sessions

Additional sessions are only $50.

Ideal for families or individuals who want to do more than 3 sessions per week

BONUS: Laser Brain Training Coaching

Platinum Package

1 month Rental includes

Unlimited sessions

Ideal for couples, families with children, or health professionals who want to try before buying the equipment

BONUS: Laser Brain Training Coaching

Customized Package

Design your very own package. Integrate coaching, tutoring and brain training into a system that works for you and your needs.

Ideal for students, entrepreneurs, CEOs, athletes.

Call to inquire about packages. 

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